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Discover the Best Bicycling Routes near Lexington Park

The beautiful and historic rural roads near our Lexington Park apartments make cycling so enjoyable. Cruise the wide-shouldered, winding roads with varied elevations that provide just enough challenge and excitement. With scenic waterfronts and rolling farmland to explore, discover your new favorite local bicycling routes near Lexington Park for fitness and fun.

St. Mary’s City Loop

Although on the shorter side, St. Mary’s City Loop packs in plenty of history along its nearly ten-mile route. Pedal along the paved roads as you explore the site of Maryland’s first capital. Traverse Mattapany Road, the oldest road in all of Maryland. Although there are some challenging spots, most of the course is relatively flat. Leaving a vehicle at nearby Spring Ridge Middle School makes for easy route access.

Chaptico Loop

Drop your vehicle off at Chaptico Park and take off on an adventure along the Chaptico Loop. This 26-mile course of lightly used back roads has shoulders broad enough for a horse and buggy to comfortably ride. Pedal past scenic farms and historic church buildings. Though the route is all paved, the elevations vary enough to make this a moderately challenging ride. If you get hungry, plan to stop at the Chaptico Market for a quick bite of their famous fried chicken.

Seventh District Loop

The scenic and historic Seventh District Loop travels along waterfronts and lightly used rural roads. Enjoy views along the Potomac River and all the way out to beautiful St. Clement’s Island. In season, a water taxi will take you to St. Clement’s Island Museum, where you can learn more about the site where Maryland was founded. Although there are some elevations at the beginning and end of this 17-mile paved course, it’s relatively level overall, making for an enjoyable ride.

Once you’ve returned from your cycling adventure on one of these nearby bicycling routes, refuel with one of Lexington Park’s perfect sandwiches. If you’re looking for a great new place to call home, contact us. We’ll schedule a tour of our homes for rent in Lexington Park, MD today. 

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