full pint glasses and growlers | Lexington Park's best breweries

Check Out Lexington Park’s Best Breweries and Alehouses

There is an art and a science to craft beer. With so many new and exciting flavor combinations, it’s no wonder that craft beers account for an ever-expanding share of the American beer market. The next time you’re in the mood to sample some of Maryland’s best beers, visit Lexington Park’s best breweries or local alehouses near […]

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a person is looking into a lake, at baby ducks | Solomons Island activities

Spend the Day Exploring Solomons Island Activities

Solomons Island is a short drive from our Lexington Park apartments. It’s a picturesque waterfront town where the Patuxent River runs into the Chesapeake Bay. This quaint little town is the ideal destination to spend a day with friends or to have a date night with your significant other. Check out these perfect Solomons Island activities. […]

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