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Step Into The Past at Historic St Mary’s City Near Lexington Park

Maryland has a gorgeous history. Whether you are a history buff or just looking for an enjoyable outing, there are many museums to choose from. For an immersive experience, check out Historic St Mary’s City. This outdoor living history museum is just a quick drive from our apartments in Lexington Park. Here are the top sites to enjoy on your visit.

Maryland Dove & the Waterfront

Modeled after a 17th-century merchant ship that sailed to the area, the Maryland Dove is a functioning boat exhibit. See what life on a sailboat was like and learn about the technology of the past. Visitors can learn about things like knotwork, woodworking, and boat maintenance. For the total experience, the Maryland Dove even sometimes has sailings to nearby ports. Be sure to check the calendar of the events before your visit.

The Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation

This working farm showcases the daily activities and life during tobacco’s height. See farm animals like cows, chickens, and pigs. You can chat with members of the household all in period dress as well as learn from servants and neighbors. Depending on the season, there are also special demonstrations of corn and tobacco farming in the fields. In addition, they hold classes on hearth cooking and herb gardening. 

Woodland Indian Hamlet

Experience running a small village like that of the Indigenous Yaocomaco people. Expert museum staff will guide you through amazing activities like constructing a witchott or dwelling. You may even be able to learn about shaping a canoe, starting a fire, or preparing food. No matter what activity is happening, the exhibit is a must-see.

After a fun day experiencing history at Historic St Mary’s City, stop by a Lexington Park brewery to pick up craft beer to enjoy at home. To learn more about living at Glenn Forest, contact us to schedule a tour of our townhomes in Maryland.

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