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Check Out Southern Maryland’s Best Wineries

There’s no need to head to wine country for satisfying bottles of vino. Treat yourself to a wine night inside our apartments in Lexington Park courtesy of a local winery! Here are a few of Southern Maryland’s best wineries that will please your palate.

Generations Vineyard

This outdoor and family-owned winery was founded in 2012 and is part of the vast Wheatley Content Farm. Amy Van Cleaf is one of the founders and is also the vigneron. The types of wines on offer are white, white blend, rose, red, and red blend for you to relish from the comfort of home at Glenn Forest.

Xella Winery and Vineyard

Les and Erin Melanson own Xella Winery and Vineyard, a 9-acre family farm. Established in 2008, this winery is a love story between a young couple’s affinity for wine that pushed them to realize their dream.

Port of Leonardtown Winery

The Port of Leonardtown Winery comprises 12 member vineyards across four counties. It offers a wide variety of wines such as robust and sweet or cherry and dark chocolate flavor. For these and more selections, identify your preference on their website.

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Glenn Forest has your peace and comfort in mind including the wine to unwind your day. To find out the extent of what we offer, contact us for more details.

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