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Check Out The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum

Lexington Park, MD is an area brimming with history, especially with the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum located just minutes away! See what awaits at this local institution situated near our apartments in Lexington Park.

Rich History With a New Perspective

The Patuxent River Naval Museum (PRNAM) has a long lineage dating back to World War II. The naval air station itself is an integral part of the Lexington community.

Up until recently, the museum was an official US Naval museum, but it has since become a local non-profit organization whose mission it is to keep Lexington Park’s rich military history anchored to its future. 

The Amenities at Patuxent River Naval Air Museum 

PRNAM is unlike any other naval museum in the country. The museum focuses on naval and aerial research and development spanning the post-war era. PRNAM includes numerous resources like simulators and research records for visitors to review as well as an inventory of more than 22 unique test aircraft that patrons may directly interact with. 

PRNAM allows visitors to peruse the museum in comfort and safety. The exhibits span both indoor and outdoor displays, with numerous volunteer docents on staff to help answer your questions. Additionally, the PRNAM website allows visitors to learn about the incredible history of the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum from the comfort of their own home.

Historical Roots and a Bright Future 

The community surrounding the Glenn Forest Apartments in Lexington Park is alive with history and buzzing with opportunity. Once you’ve had your fill of history, it might feel good to get some fresh air and stretch your legs on one of the incredible local hiking trails nearby. For more information on these apartments for rent, please contact Glenn Forest today. 

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