fancy plated seafood dish

Where You Can Enjoy the Best Seafood in Lexington Park

Fresh seafood is a luxury that residents of Lexington Park can enjoy year round. When you’re craving a feast, check out these local restaurants for the best seafood in Lexington Park. Order crab legs and lobster tails and bring them home to enjoy inside your apartment atĀ Glenn Forest. The Pier Located on the Patuxent River […]

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cardboard takeout boxes holding chinese food

Enjoy Delicious Chinese Takeout in Lexington Park

If you’re craving lo mein or a bowl of miso soup, you’re in luck. There are a variety of Chinese restaurants near our apartments in Lexington Park. Grab some delicious Chinese takeout and bring it home to enjoy on the couch in your cozy living room today. Jerry’s Bistro From their website, Jerry’s Bistro claims to have the “best […]

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Fajitas at a dinner table

Order Mexican Food To-Go in Lexington Park

If you’re looking for the best Mexican food near our Glenn Forest apartments, check out one of these restaurants. They each offer freshly made dishes that are conveniently served and affordably priced, so you’ll be satisfied and happy that you supported local Mexican restaurants. El Rinconcito Mexican Restaurant El Rinconcito Mexican Restaurant serves traditional Mexican cuisine via their […]

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