a person bikes on a trail near water | bicycling routes near Lexington Park

Discover the Best Bicycling Routes near Lexington Park

The beautiful and historic rural roads near our Lexington Park apartments make cycling so enjoyable. Cruise the wide-shouldered, winding roads with varied elevations that provide just enough challenge and excitement. With scenic waterfronts and rolling farmland to explore, discover your new favorite local bicycling routes near Lexington Park for fitness and fun. St. Mary’s City Loop Although […]

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lighthouse by a field | lighthouses near Glenn Forest

Visit Scenic Lighthouses Near Glenn Forest

There are 26 lighthouses off the coast of Maryland. People come from all over the world to see them. Here are the details about the lighthouses near Glenn Forest that are closest to our Lexington Park apartments. Cove Point Lighthouse One of the coolest features of Cove Point Lighthouse is the restored keeper’s home which can be rented. Up to […]

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